Sunday, November 13, 2016

Ice-Cream Funday

What a treat it was to support the High Flyers with their fundraising by buying some scoops of scrumptious ice-cream! The High Flyers are heading out to camp in a few weeks time so anything to help their experience will be truly appreciated. It was $1 for one scoop or $2 for two scoops. As you can see by our faces we're pretty chuffed. 


What a week we had feeding and looking after Percy, Hettie and the chickens! It was soooo much fun. We even got to pet the chickens which we described as being soft, fluffy and warm. 

 The best part of the week was getting 8 eggs from the chickens!! Heres the before photo...

And here are the after photos...

Nothing like free-range boiled eggs and some salt for an afternoon snack. For some of us it was a mission to peel our eggs but we got it at the end. 

Monday, October 31, 2016


What better way to celebrate Halloween then with healthy-sh treats! That's exactly what we did in Room 6 yesterday afternoon. We made mandarin pumpkins, banana ghosts and snow covered pumpkins. 

If you would like to make this at home you will need to use:
- White chocolate (Melted)
- Mandrins (Peeled)
- Ripe Bananas (Chopped up into bite sized pieces) and 
- Chocolate Chips (for the ghost faces)

Here are our finished products:



Na maste Rowandale School, What an extravagant way to celebrate the Indian Culture by showcasing the talent our children have! The dances were amazing and the guest that Mrs Anand brought in was terrific! 

To celebrate Diwali in our class we ate and wrote about what it tasted like.

"The Barfi tasted sweet and yummy" Senituli 

We were very previleged to have Mrs R to help us with the Indian Sweets. We all had a great time experiencing new food, some that we liked and some we didn't like. 

Below are some videos and pictures of Diwali celebrations in Rowandale School and in Room 6. 

Our Diwali wall is our most favourite feature in our class to date! Come and take some photos in front of it the next time you visit. 

Sunday, October 30, 2016


Hey everyone! We are learning to make paper mache and to be very honest it was a long, messy and sticky experience We split up into smaller groups to make the process a little faster. Here were the jobs:
1. Gluer 
2. Cutter of the newspaper
3. Balloon holder

Here is a glimpse into the long process of our planets. Keep your eyes open for the soon to be solar system in our Tumeke Taniwhas class.   

Busy Bees fly to the Stardome!

Here are a few of our pictures from our fun filled day at One Tree Hills observatorium
We're super happy because we are on a double decker bus!
Teri with her group who were the most well-behaved 

Lati looking very at home playing in the log house playground

If you want to see what they're looking at come and see, you even get comfy chairs!

Here we can see the demonstration of the moon rotating around Earth which is orbiting the sun. We found out it took a lot of work.
Here's a look at one of our favourite parts of the day!